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With all the recent claims that have been made to insurance companies, the insurance companies have changed from a flat deductible to a percentage deductible for the roofs. Your HOA now has a wind and hail deductible based on the value of the buildings. The President of your HOA has asked that I again provide the following notice regarding Loss Assessment Insurance Coverage. As a unit owner, you may be responsible for equal portions of costs for repairing damage to insured losses that may be as a result of this high deductible. If this occurs, the Association may have to levy a special assessment to all the owners in order to pay for the repairs. Some of you in the HOA may already be covered through your current insurance. However, some insurance companies may not automatically provide this coverage and each home owner needs to check with their respective insurance companies to determine whether they have this coverage or not. It is recommended that each home owner carry such coverage that includes Loss Assessment Insurance. Please call your personal insurance company and double check that you have Loss Assessment Insurance that covers the deductible. Please act now, if we have a loss it will be too late to add it after the fact.  For a HOA certificate please contact USI Insurance at 719-228-1070.

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